Plant life is awesome!

Space plants recognises and celebrates the power of plants and the role that they play in creating healthier, happier and more sustainable cities and lifestyles.

Our mission is to help people love plants for the atmosphere they create. We are striving to give plants a voice and to help them comfortably grow in the spaces where they have the biggest positive impact on people. Whether it be growing plants in your apartment, office, restaurant or up the wall of a 70 story skyscraper… space plants aims to be there to make the journey as easy and as rewarding as possible for the plants involved and the people.

We are here to help you kickstart your relationship and to ensure you get off on the right foot within the magical world of plants.

Our services include

1. The discovery phase. We can guide you through the wide array of options available when choosing the right growing system. We can help you discover what products and services are available in your local area to ensure you are armed with all the information you need.
2. The manufacture phase. We can build solutions to fill gaps in the market.
3. The install phase. We can install your system.
4. The maintenance phase. We can maintain your system to ensure it continues to provide the maximum amount of joy long into the future.

We are a team of scientists, educators and horticulturalists who are passionate about giving plants a voice. We see that plants will play a critical role on future sustainable cities design. We aim to be there to help people get the most out of there relationship with plants and move forward into the future with confidence and inspiration.