Our product range

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$25 a coconut including a miniature bromeliad

Free basic frame included for purchase of 3 coconut pot plants $75

Miniature bromeliads are perfect for growing in small spaces such as coconuts. Their epiphytic nature makes it easy for them to thrive in these coconut shells. They will expand out with new bromeliads on each branch. With a little morning sun and a foliar feed a few times a week…they will be a very happy, healthy easy to care for plant

Coconut Coir Mounting Boards – $45

These boards are perfectly designed to attach epiphytes such as tillandsia, orchids, elkhorns, plus others!

Wallgarden 5x modules – $99

Vertical Garden Pod (Skale Pod) – $5.50
$9.50 with planted Mint

Drinking Coconuts – $10
Bamboo Straws – $2