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It’s a vertical garden that is solar powered, recycles its water, with an automated irrigation system that can be controlled from your smart phone. This system allows plants to communicate and express their vital needs through the use of Flower Power sensor and Raspberry Pi technology.

We are launching a Kickstarter on the 17th February 2018 to help you reignite your love of plants without feeling the fear that you are going to neglect the needs of your plants.

G’day, my name is Shane and I am a professional vertical gardener and founder of Space Plants. I have found my passion and purpose in the world is to help people cherish and honour plants and the atmosphere they create. I am aiming to help establish 10,000 companionships between plants and people by 2020. I love being in the garden, I love providing creative and unique gardening services to my clients and my friends and family love coming and spending time in my gardens and experiencing its beauty, and enjoying its many rewards.

But it didn’t always used to be this way. Before I embarked on this journey 7 years ago, I used to be an office worker in a busy call centre. I was stuck to my desk answering phone call after phone call, staring out the window, working in a job I had no real passion for, wishing I was outside doing something else. Whats more is, like many garden enthusiasts I would go plant shopping and come home with a trolly full of beautiful plants only to have over 50% die, due to my schedule getting filled up with other things, leaving little time to water my plants.

After many years of doing this… I made a break and took a leap of faith to follow my passion and start out on the entrepreneurial path, which lead me to the profession I love now. I got a lot of enjoyment out of gardening, when I was gardening, all my problems melted away, I felt connected to the earth, present and focussed, plus I started learning about sustainability in a way my environmental degree never taught me. Gardens are places in which the plants themselves can teach you. Plants are zero waste, creating their own energy, efficiently using water, getting all of their nutrients locally, attracting diversity and working and working as a community

These are amazing things that we can all learn from plants and this is what I wanted to share with as many people as I can.

I was blessed to have a childhood growing up on acreage, surrounded by bush land, space to grow food, catch grasshoppers and watch butterflies and bees buzzing from flower to flower. But I realise that an increasing number of people moving into smaller spaces with little backyards or even no yards at all.

I asked the question how can I help people utilize whatever space they have to grow plants and bring nature back into their lives and experience the same joys that I did when I was immersed in a thriving garden watching plants grow.

From these questions my love, which grew into an obsession for vertical gardens started to blossom. I started up a business making them, I started researching them and writing about them, going to international green infrastructure conferences and even interviewing the world leaders in this industry such as Dr Patrick Blanc. I started designing vertical garden, setting up vertical gardens, maintaining vertical gardens but a lot of the time the plants didn’t end up getting the care that they actually needed and often would end up becoming unhealthy or dieing. People loved having plants in their life but hate it when they die. The ultimate conundrum.

…. if only there was a way that plants could talk to let people know what and when they need something. That though let to the discovery of the Parrot Flower Power sensor. It’s an IOT device that helps to do just that, by measuring the specific moisture, sunlight, temperature and fertilizer needs of the plant. However, this device had another problem…. the user needed to go into bluetooth range to get the vital information of the health of the plant. So with the introduction of a Raspberry Pi mini computer the plants talking in real time. You can now get warning messages directly from your plants wherever you are! What’s more is you can control the irrigation system remotely and turn irrigation on or off from anywhere in the world. So if you get a low moisture level warning and you are on the other side of the planet…. no sweat! You can increase your watering schedule at the touch of a few buttons.

Introducing the TelePLANTathic vertical garden that allows the plants to tell you how they are going with the ability to interact with your garden from any internet connection in the world. So if your one of those super busy people who loves plants but hates it when the die… this is the system that will keep those plants alive.

This is my passion project

I want to continue to help you reignite your love of plants without feeling the fear that you are going to neglect the needs of your plants.

Now that the first couple of working prototypes have been built, I want to continue to invest in fine tuning the technology, making them more user friendly, adding the ability to ask your plants a range of questions to get responses from your plants based on the actual data we are collecting. These gardens could be the new Tamagotchi for the new generation and a way of getting kids excited and educated about growing plants through the use of cutting edge technology.

This project has the ability to help the world in many ways, from helping people to grow organic food, providing aesthetic beauty to providing a heap of useful scientific data on how each specific plant is growing in relation to local temperature levels.

If you see the value in what we are doing, please answer a few quick questions to help support our Kickstarter which will be launching on the 17th of February 2018.

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