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Below you will find job vacancies (when available) and our work experience program for the keen learners.

Job Vacancies

Job Title: Vertical Garden Technician

* Permanent full time position
* 32 hours per week ($25 Per Hour)
* Based at Loganlea 4131
* Company’s Vision: Growing a Greener World

Company’s Mission: To have more than 1 billion plants flourishing in home and office environments across the globe by 2022.

Aim: To make plant life the prime focus in enhancing human lifestyles and to integrate, map and link the home and business ecosystem to sustainable gardening methods. Help reduce the carbon footprints globally with green, beautiful, healthy, space-saving and sustainable plants for a greener and cleaner environment.

Job Description: To assist with the design, installation and maintenance of vertical gardens and support the achievement of the company’s mission, vision and value.

Report to: Director – Shane Sadkowsky

Selection Criteria

* Set up integrated gardening systems assist in the achievement of home and business sustainability goals such as zero waste, cleaner air quality and self-sufficient food production.
* Planning and carrying out daily maintenance runs on vertical gardens around Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
* Maintaining health and visual appearance of vertical gardens, includes pruning, Fertilising/nutrition, disease and pest management
* Setting up and monitoring irrigation systems
* Daily record keeping to enable invoicing
* Co ordinating access & equipment such as EWP’s, Scaffolding, Trestles.
* Working at height
* Nursery work, looking after plants, propagating, watering
* Facility and grounds maintenance
* Actively participate in the continuous improvement of the company and help build its capability to achieve business goals and objectives
* Attend meetings and training when appropriate
* Facilitating DIY Vertical Gardening workshops

Required Skills:

* Current Qld Driver’s Licence
* Ability to work autonomously
* Professional attitude, good communication, and a commitment to customer service
* Reliable and organised
* Ability to use email and web based maintenance logging systems and willing attitude to learn how to use new technology and systems.
* A demonstrated commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment
* Ability to work harmoniously in a startup environment as part of a small team
* Genuine interest in this career pathway
* A positive quick learning attitude with an aptitude to think outside the square
* Reliable and punctual
* Interest in new horticultural technologies
* Interest in working at heights from ladders, EWP and Abseiling

If you are the person for the job, please email your resume and cover letter addressing required skills and selection criteria to

Or call +61 0438330160 for more information.

Applications close on (date 27 March 2022)

Work Experience Program

Thinking of starting a career as a Vertical Garden Technician?

Space Plants would like to offer a unique opportunity for plant lovers to kickstart a
career in the world of vertical gardening. We are seeking interested candidates to apply for our work experience program.

Plant life is awesome!

Space plants recognises and celebrates the power of plants and the role that they play in creating healthier, happier and more sustainable cities and lifestyles.

Our mission is to help people love plants for the atmosphere they create. We are striving to give plants a voice and to help them comfortably grow in spaces where they have the biggest positive impact on people. Whether it be growing plants in your apartment, office, restaurant or up the wall of a 70 story skyscraper… space plants aims to be there to make the journey as easy and as rewarding as possible for the plants involved and the people.

This program is here to help you kickstart your relationship and to ensure you get off on the right foot within the magical world of plants and vertical gardening.

About the Work Experience & Program Outline: Gain essential industry skills by;

1. DAY 1: Understanding of the wide array of systems available and key information to help you choose and match the right growing system for the right project.

2. DAY 2: Getting insight into our own designs that use latest technology to help give plants a voice and get hands on experience building solar powered vertical gardens with automatic irrigation systems that recycle water.

3. DAY 3: Getting hands on experience working with world class vertical gardens. Learn about appropriate plants selection and how they grow in their natural habitat. Learn about installation and how they are maintained to ensure they continue to thrive long into the future.

4. DAY 4 & 5: Getting opportunities to partake in a variety of gardening expo’s, DIY Vertical Garden Workshops and network with leaders in the gardening industry.


1. Optional 3 OR 5 days​​ ​Intensive Work Experience
2. Uniforms, transport, tools provided.
3. Obtain a Vertical Gardening 101 Certificate (after completing day 5).
4. Opportunity for ongoing work experience after finishing the Intensive Program
5. Ongoing Work Experience Students will be considered first when paid positions become available
6. ​Project​ ​Manager​ ​-​ ​Shane​ ​Sadkowsky
7. Based​ ​at:​ ​​​​ Space​ ​Plants​ ​Head​ ​Office​ ​-​ ​Loganlea 4131

Please send resume and cover letter to or contact Shane on 0438330160

“I had a fantastic time working with Shane, the work experience program that Space Plants has put in place is not only really informative and hands on- it’s also fun. If you are a fellow Horticulture student I would definitely recommend doing some work experience with Space Plants. The whole business has an extremely ‘green’ outlook and if you’re anything like me, you will really enjoy being surrounded by plants everyday. Bringing plants into sterile urban environments and maintaining green walls in office and school spaces is also really rewarding and will have you feeling good about the work you are doing”.
-Coco Newbery, Horticulture Student
Green the Street Campaign Ekka 2018 with Northey Street City Farm
Planting out a TelePLANTathic Vertical Garden
Hands on experience with world class vertical garden systems