DIY Solar Powered Vertical Gardening Workshop

This is a unique hands on workshop that will teach you how to build vertical gardens from recycled pallets and discarded materials! But not only that, you will also learn how integrate:

  • Self watering/Wicking designs
  • Basic irrigation systems
  • Solar power
  • Water capture and recycling
  • Designs that last the test of time. After this workshop, you will be able go home with all the knowledge to design your very own solar powered irrigation system for your vertical garden.

The cost is $440 + gst and is scheduled to run for a total of 2 hours including time for questions.

Check out this video show casing the type of vertical garden you will be able to make when you combine all the skills I teach in the workshop.

The Global Vertical Gardening Movement – Presentation

This power point presentation looks at vertical gardening as a movement and explores it globally, nationally and locally. Looking at its history, its benefits and its potential to transform future design and way of life as societies start to become more conscious of sustainability.

This presentation includes snippets from interviews with the ‘Father’ of the modern vertical garden Dr Patrick Blanc and Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams. The last part of this presentation gets hands on and will involve everyone getting to partake in making their own recycled PET bottle wicking pot plants and micro green growers to take home.

Cost is $270 +gst and is scheduled to run for 1 hour including time for questions.

Below are my interactions with leading green infrastructure horticulturalists and botanists

Interview with Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams on Living Infrastructure at Parkroyal on Pickering.

Me, Jerry and Thaun at Parkroyal on Pickering in Singapore home to 15000 m2 of skygardens

Interviewing Dr Patrick Blanck, the ‘father’ of the modern vertical garden at the 2014 World Green Infrastructure Conference in Sydney.