TelePLANTathic Vertical Garden

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than to launch this new product!


Get all the benefits of having a garden, such as growing healthy organic food, creating beautiful aesthetics and providing habitat to support biodiversity. With this system you can have peace of mind that your plants are going to thrive even if you have a busy work life or if you need to go on holidays.

How does it work?

It is solar powered, recycles its water, runs off recycled laptop batteries and has an intelligent irrigation that can pick the most optimal watering schedule based on its environment. The only thing you need to do is fill up the water tank when your receive a message to you to let you know it needs topping up.

The blue tooth flower care sensor communicates to the mini computer to monitor the moisture levels of the soil. It also measures light, temperature and fertilizer. You can log in to see all the data and graphs on your Space Plants account.

You can also set the moisture level high and low thresholds to be specifically calibrated for the requirements of the types of plants you want to grow. Then your plants can notify you with a warning message if the soil moisture goes above or below that threshold.

By doing this we are working towards giving the plants a voice so they can help teach you how to take care of them. With this system you will know exactly how your plants are going even if you are on the other side of the world.

Why is it good for you?
With one of these vertical gardens you will be able to grow up to 30 plants at a time.

In the local supermarket you could spend about $3 on a 10gram packet of chives. If you used this system to grow only chives you could harvest about 300 grams per month. This means over the course of a year you could save over $1000 on chives alone but the added bonus would be that its locally grown, organic and plastic free. So you will be doing something positive for the environment by sustainably growing your food.

Grow the freshest herbs, make healthy green smoothies, garnish your meals or even just create a beautiful living artwork that brings fresh oxygen to your home.


They are valued at $2,500 but we are offering the first 10 at a special limited price with over 30% off for a total of $1650 (gst inc) for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast only.

We can also do quotes for custom designs.

Limited time Price $1650 (gst inc) for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast only.

Custom designs available.

To purchase you will need to first put down a 10% deposit. This will then include;
– Onsite consultation to help pick the right location for the type of plants you want to grow. We can answer any other questions you might have at this time as well.
– Order fulfilled within 4 weeks.

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