Akeko Rise Indoors

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This vertical garden is made from recycled timber, recycled pallets, recycled plastics and natural coconut shells. It also uses the latest technology with wicking systems and in the growing media called Biorganic Earth. This Specialist growing media is based on crushed rock substrate, fully composted materials, bio chars and has organic soil wetting agents, slow release fertilizers and all essential plant foods and trace elements that will last over 2 years. Designs can include irrigation systems, semi hydroponic set ups and a range of lighting options. This vertical garden really is special. It uniquely combines all the right elements in recycling and technology to make one hell of an awesome vertical garden.

Vertical gardens can help to break down pollutants from the air, increase productivity, attention spans, provide you with all things edible and most importantly provide you with greater tranquillity and peace through creating a more natural environment.

* Vertical Garden Kit (Includes onsite consultation to custom a design suited to your needs) = $790
* Biorganic Earth Specialist Green Wall Growing Medial = $87
* Delivery = $50
* Installation and Plant up = $150 (3hrs)
* Indoor Plant Selection (Price may vary slightly in relation to plants) = $200
* Pot Plant for bottom shelf + Specialist Growing Media + Plants ($29.00 + $25+$50) = $104

Total = $1381 (+ GST)

Please note:
1.Plant prices below are estimated on average costs and may vary slightly depending on final plant selection.
2. Delivery and consultations are for Logan City and South Brisbane